Teaching Artist Project : “Dazzle” by Creative Ability Art Collaborative

A mixed media collaborative artwork made by Create Ability Art Collaborative. A talent group of artists at the Nevin’s Center in partnership with artist Diana Arvanites and the McColl Center for Visual Art. Installed August 2010.

Create Ability Art Collaborative
Cecil, Nicole, Wayne, Curtis, Kenny, Jackie, Tesse,
Marty, Joey, Nicholas, Andrew, Kinston, Seth, Temika, Thomas, Bethel, Uriel , Nicole, April, Henry, Otho, Marlon, Richard, Larry, Joe, Jaime, and Jeremy. Special thanks to Joanne Exceus, Aaron Leclair, Claudia Gonzalez-Griffin, and Mary Massie Allegrucci for working so hard on this project.

Diana Arvanites
Artist statement
“Giving each person a voice is what builds community and makes art socially responsive.”

I wanted this project to be a series of interchangeable artworks that together make one amazing work of art. Giving each artist a visual voice while creating community, compassion, and strengthening self-esteem. I believe the act of creating serves as a catalyst in mobilizing strengths in the person to form a total productive personality. This project helped each participant to develop their artistic voice while being part of the larger Nevins community. Diversity, growth, strength, and change are concepts that are part of this collaborative art installation. The many parts that make up this whole allow us all to “DAZZLE”

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